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Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter Review

Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter Review

Electric Scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Several top manufactures have thrown some great renditions of the classic scooter into the game. Following this trend, Xiaomi released the foldable M365 electric scooter in December 2016. The Xiaomi Scooter is now available as an import and can be purchased through Amazon in the United States.

First impression and Unboxing of the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

The package arrives as a collapsed electric scooter, with a Chinese user manual, a set of 4 screws including a screwdriver, a valve adapter, and a charger with a power cord.

Design and Materials

The scooter reminisces past memories of the scooter hype in the 1990s. However, the modern rendition of the scooter from Xiaomi and others completely changes the game. Starting at the bottom, the electric scooter consists of two air-filled 8 ½ inch profile rubber tires with an inside diameter of 134 mm. The rear wheel has a disc brake for ample stopping power . Additionally, a safe braking distance is provided by an anti-lock braking system (E-ABS) . The braking process initiates an automatic brake light on the protective cover of the rear wheel. The scooter is powered by a brushless motor housed in the front wheel. The maximum power of the engine is 500 watts.

The footboard or the standing board, as well as the T-handlebar and fork are made of metal. The fork and the footboard are welded together. The upper surface of the standing board is gummed and thus ensures a grippy, secure platform for standing. The 280 Wh battery is located inside the stand platform. The side of the base frame has the charging port, which is protected by a rubber cover. Incidentally, the entire scooter adheres to class IP54 which provides standards against dust and splashes of water.

The Xiaomi scooter, which measures 108 x 43 x 114 cm and weighs 12.5 kg, can even be parked upright via a fold-out stand on the standing board. When folded, the electric scooter shrinks to a size of 108 x 43 x 49 cm and can be conveniently transported by carrying.

The T-handlebar is the control unit of the Xiaomi M365. This is where the power switch is located and also includes the 4-LED battery indicator and a front LED light. On the left side of the rubberized grip is the brake lever with a bell and on the right grip is the stepless acceleration switch. It should be noted that the handlebar is not height adjustable! The Xiaomi M365 scooter is a very high quality and robust machine. All of the components are well made and leave nothing to be desired.

How Much Assembly Is Required?

A manual is not needed for assembly because the scooter is already pre-assembled and ready for use after unpacking. Only the T-handlebar must be attached and tightened with the 4 included screws. The owners manual contains illustrated information and and is worthwhile to look through.

First Ride on The Scooter

Climb aboard and drive away. The function and operation of the Xiaomi M365 scooter is largely intuitive. To familiarize yourself with the scooter you can manage it like a conventional scooter for starting until you are comfortable. The brushless motor does not lock the drive system, allowing for free wheeling when not under power. The electric motor can ultimately be switched on with some momentum. The infinitely variable acceleration switch can be pressed to adjust the driving speed according to your level of comfort and desired speed.

How Does The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Drive

The Xiaomi e-scooter scores points with its outstanding and above all safe handling. Due to the 8 ½ inch treaded tires and fully loaded weight, the scooter has a good grip and does not flinch at cobblestones and other uneven paths. At the same time, the air-filled tires are also quite delicate and susceptible to puncture. According to several reports, some users of the Xiaomi scooter have punctured or flatted after only a short time. It is advisable to find suitable replacement tires for backup purposes.

The driving behavior of the scooter is well balanced even at low speed. Curves can be taken almost playfully while shifting your body weight.

What King Of Braking System Does The Scooter Use

This scooter features an advanced dual braking system which consists of a rear disc brake and an engine brake with an anti-lock braking system (E-ABS). During testing, the scooter had a gentle, yet short braking distance, without causing the wheels to abruptly lock up. The disc brake itself can be adjusted manually via the easily accessible brake caliper. The brake light on the protective cover of the rear wheel is automatically triggered by the braking system. In the dark, the brake light is clearly visible, in the light, the brake light seems a bit underpowered.

How Does The Scooter Handle Hills and What Is The Top Speed

Equipped with a powerful 500 Watt brushless motor, the M365 reached a top speed of 26 km/h during a straight line test. The speed was measured in "normal mode". Smaller gradients are no problem for the Xiaomi electric scooter. Only at a slope of about 15° did the scooter noticeably lack power causing dismount.

The second operating mode is the so-called "Eco Mode", which can be activated directly on the scooter by holding down the power button. A green LED illuminates the active energy-saving mode. The mode is characterized by a lower acceleration and a reduced top speed of about 20 km/h.

The battery of the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter consists of several 18650 lithium-ion battery packs, which achieve a total output of 285 Wh. The mileage or range measured with a single charge was a maximum of 15 kilometers in normal mode and approximately 18 kilometers in eco mode. The Xiaomi claimed 30-kilometer range seems a bit exaggerated.

What Useful Information Is Provided By The App

Hardly a gadget appears without app support these days. The Xiaomi Scooter is also equipped with a Bluetooth module which allows for connection to an Android or iOS device.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter Review

The scooter can be connected via the Mi Home app or with the Ninebot app. In terms of functionality both apps are identical. Pairing through the Ninebot app was easier because a Mi user account is not needed. As soon as the scooter is connected, you get information about the current speed, the battery level, the average speed and the current distance in kilometers.

Additional menu items provide further information about the battery, mileage and other general information about the scooter. Furthermore, it is possible to update the firmware via the app. With the app it is also possible to activate the so-called "cruise control system". This mode allows the scooter to automatically maintain a speed set by the accelerator switch without having to operate it permanently. Pressing the accelerator switch or the brake again deactivates the automatic speed control.

Another feature that can only be set through the app is Acceleration Mode. This mode does not determine the acceleration of the scooter, but rather how high the energy regeneration is due to braking. If you let the scooter roll freely, or press the brake, the battery will charge with the alternator. You can choose between "Weak", "Normal" and "High". Other users of the Xiaomi Scooter report that the battery may be overcharged at the highest level, leading to a possible electronic defect. In the test, the mode was therefore left on "weak".