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Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Review

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Logitech K800 Sleek Profile

The K800 Keyboard from Logitech is an all around exceptional full-size keyboard. The backlit illuminates the keyboard in dark spaces. With well lit keys and a comfortable typing experience, this keyboard is perfect for any environment whether light or dark.

Logitech K800 Keyboard Side Profile

Design Features

The keyboard is not meant to be compact or portable. It is a full featured, larger size footprint on your desk. It has a full and separate number keypad and measures 18” in length and 8” in width with a thickness of less than an inch at the thickest point. The K800 will not look as minimalist on your desk top but still has a nice profile that is more practical and less about optimizing space.

Work efficiency is improved with the keypad, alphanumeric keys and 12 function keys. The function keys have dual functionality and can be also used to quickly adjust music or video play, screen brightness or battery settings, search and email. The bottom is extended slightly less than 2” to allow for a tapered rise to the keys when resting your palms on the bottom surface while typing. The height is adjustable with extendable foot risers located underneath. Both the flat position and the extensions provide a solid typing platform. By engaging the height adjustment tabs, the keyboard angle can be increased for better ergonomics. The risers allow for a half inch more of elevation at the back which effectively makes for a steeper typing angle. I find the flat position to be less stressful on the wrists and seems to be a more natural typing position.

The construction is hard plastic with a matte finish. The black color is highlighted around the edges with a clear outer trim that gives the keyboard a futuristic look especially when the keys are lit up in a dark environment.

Keyboard Illumination

The on switch located at the top right of the keyboard will activate the backlighting. This works well in darker environments because both the underside of the keys and the etched key markings are illuminated. Use the F5 and F6 function keys while pressing the FN key to increase or lower the backlight intensity. The light level increases in four steps to reach its maximum brightness. Another welcome feature that enhances the lighting experience is the inclusion of a proximity sensor that will detect when you are near the computer and ready to type. This will automatically engage the backlighting and illuminate the display before you even touch the keyboard. This detection will effectively turn off the backlighting within a few seconds of moving your hands away from the keyboard and will instantly light up again when your hands are placed near the keyboard.

Logitech K800 Keyboard Illuminated


This keyboard requires the USB dongle to be attached to your computer to function. Once the computer has the 2.4GHz USB receiver inserted into one of its USB slots, the keyboard will quickly be recognized and start working. The setup couldn’t be easier.

Typing and Performance

The keys feel amazing for typing. They are quiet and have a 3.2mm keystroke which gives them a softer feel to press. The surface of the keys is smooth and rounded with easily visible markings when backlit. Typing on this keyboard couldn’t be more enjoyable. Everything about it just feels right. Logitech markets the key system as “PerfectStroke” which is claimed to allow even typing force across the key surface making for a very fluid typing experience.

Logitech K800 Keyboard


The wireless keyboard must be recharged every 7-10 days. This requires connecting a micro-USB cable to the keyboard. The charge time is 3-6 hours for a full charge. The battery indicator beside the on-off switch will illuminate three bars when full charged. While the keyboard is charging with the USB cable, it can still be used for typing without issue. You can expect the lifetime of this battery to last approximately 36 months depending on usage. This appear to be a drawback to the wireless keyboards in that the battery will eventually die and the entire keyboard will need to be replaced to restore wireless functionality.

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard Review


The hi-lite of this keyboard is its exceptional backlighting combined with the proximity sensor. The typing experience itself is comfortable and efficient. The palm rest adds some level of ergonomic advantage to keep your wrists and hands movements in a more natural position. The wireless functionality of the K800 works well without lag or connectivity issues. If you are looking for a quiet typing keyboard with the ability to light up in dark environments then the Logitech K800 is a recommended top performer. 

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