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Logitech MX Master 2S Review

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Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Ergonomics

First impressions of the MX Master 2S Mouse from Logitech is that it has an attractive appearance and a sleek, streamlined design. The design is able to combine ergonomics while at the same time boasting a pleasing aesthetic quality. The materials used for the exterior surfaces and the build quality lean towards the high end and it fits and forms perfectly in the hand. The contours and surfaces are elegantly sculpted to maximize comfort and efficiency. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery the mouse can go for weeks without charging. On the bottom there is a switch to allow for up to three devices to be synced to the mouse. Overall, the construction and material choices are exceptional with the mouse being comfortable to use while espousing a premium quality.

Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse  

Mouse Design Features

The layout of the mouse features the standard left and right buttons with a scroll wheel pierced in-between. Positioned behind the scroll wheel is a square shaped button along with a forward and backward button on the side with a horizontal scroll wheel for side to side scrolling engagement.

The color of the MX Master 2S mouse is rubberized black on the top surface molded to a hard plastic graphite body; it is also available in several other colors including grey, white and teal. The top surface is rubberized and provides a grippy texture that enhances comfort and feel. The sides and bottom of the mouse are a semi gloss, graphite colored plastic material with the thumb support being an extension of the rubberized material from the top surface. At the front, the two main buttons are also an extension of the black top but with a hard plastic texture.

MX Master 2S Mouse Review

The buttons are customizable using the Options software from Logitech. For example, the side thumbwheel has a default horizontal scroll setting. It is possible with the software to configure the side scroll wheel to move left and right between open browser tabs. Don’t forget to take advantage of the button the is effectively built into the thumb rest surface. By clicking down with your thumb you are able to activate the task view application. Additional functionality is possible when paired with compatible Logitech keyboards. Using the CTRL or FN keys on the keyboard will activate alternative gestures with the mouse.

The rechargeable battery can be charged with a micro USB cord that is included. Conveniently, the port is located at the front center of the mouse and allows for use even while charging. Connecting the mouse to your computer requires either Bluetooth built in or a USB port to use the Bluetooth receiver. The mouse is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be plugged in with a micro USB cable to recharge. The side of the mouse has three tiny LED dots that indicate the power level of the 500mAh battery. Look for all three LEDs to light up green to signal that the battery has been fully charged. Afterwards you can expect up to 70 days of use before the next recharge. It also can rapidly charge for a few minutes which will give you a full days worth of battery.

Setting up the Mouse

The Logitech MX Master 2S mouse is easy to setup. Simply plug the Bluetooth receiver into the USB port on your computer and turn on the power switch located on the bottom of the mouse.

Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Underside

DPI sensitivity can also be setup with the software to adjust between 200 dpi and 4,000 dpi along with the pointer speed. Use the Options software to make these changes to your preferences.

If you bought this mouse to work with multiple computers at the same time, you are able to active the Flow software to increase workflow. Connecting up to 3 PCs is possible and allows for the mouse to move between screens as if it is the same computer. This also opens up additional possibilities for sharing data between the computers. Setup for this feature involves installing the Logitech Options software on each computer and making sure they all share the same wireless network.


The Logitech MX Master 2S is a fantastic addition to anyone’s workflow. It is designed for left handed users but is a great general work horse for right handed users. Productivity will only be enhanced with this mouse. The shape and contour is elegant and pleasing which leads to exceptional ergonomics. A left handed version would be ideal for the leftie population.

The addition of Logitech Flow takes the overall functionality and productivity capabilities to another level. Geared towards users that have more than one PC, the Flow function can smoothly bring the PCs together into a more cohesive work flow. Despite the price of the MX Master 2S being a bit higher than its competitors, the price for a high end mouse with this capability and technology is well worth it.

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