Amadon HD Smart Projector 3D1080p Projector Mini Home Office Teaching Home Theater Support Dual Band 802.11B / G/N/Ac Protocol


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Brand: Amadon


  • 1080P True HD: The physical resolution is up to 1080P, and its pixel is 2.25 times that of 720P
  • It is also compatible with 4K HD, and the screen is always brilliant and clear even when projecting a large screen of 6 meters wide.
  • 1.2: 1 throw ratio: 1.2: 1 can project a larger picture at the same distance than 1 5: 1 throw ratio. A distance of 2.5 meters can project a giant screen of more than 2 meters wide. Enjoy a private theater-grade giant screen without space constraints.
  • Start-up autofocus: In addition to supporting high-precision electric focusing, it also supports full-automatic focus. Not only is the focus automatically completed when the machine is turned on, but the screen can be adjusted in real-time quickly after moving the machine to ensure that the projection screen is always clear.
  • Diffuse reflection imaging: Using the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, the blue light energy and flicker frequency is low, which can effectively reduce the damage and fatigue of the baby’s eyes during long-term viewing, which is a healthier way of watching movies.
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