Calvas 50pcs GF08 Universal Camera Activated Mini Remote Locator GPS Tracker Voice Anti-lost Real Time GPS Tracker


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Brand: Calvas


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • 1. It is the only one of all similar products that can be viewed on the map by mobile phone. It can also directly reply to the Chinese location, photo MMS return, audio and video recording, with TF card slot power query voice call back motion detection MMS return Environmental monitoring
  • 2 If you listen to more around the sound, you can play 10086 to open a Calvaship number monthly rent, a number only needs 5 yuan in January to check how long it takes money.
  • 3. This product does not require any other platform fees and is free to use for life. Simply send a text message to the alarm locator, you can reply to the following address information + map, simple operation, one step in place:
  • 4. This product is the only one in the market with automatic charging function, which is connected to the power supply. When the alarm locator is powered by , the product automatically sends a text message to remind the charging. After the power is turned off, the charging product will automatically turn on and continue charging. Warning, charging must be inserted into the SIM card.
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