Gaming LED Monitor 27″ 4K 60Hz/1-2K 144Hz, Computer Screen with RGB Backlight 16:9 High Color Gamut, 1 Ms Response, High Compatibility(3 X HDMI Ports, 1 X Display Port and Audio Interface)


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Brand: HBNW


  • GAMING DISPLAY: 3 modes switch 1K-2K 144Hz/4K, up to 2560*1440px[144Hz] in 2K mode, up to 4096*2160px[60Hz] in 4K mode. Note: 4096*2160 resolution needs to be determined according to the graphics card level. The graphics card GTX1066 supports 4096*2160 resolution.
  • 4K ULTRA-CLEAR IMAGE QUALITY: the physical resolution reaches 4096*2160, and the screen has about 8.3 million pixels, which is twice the ordinary 1920*1080 resolution. There is no obvious graininess, the colors are more pure, and the picture quality is improved.
  • HIGH COLOR GAMUT: Equipped with a high color gamut backlight scheme, the Adobe RGB color gamut coverage rate reaches 99%, which meets the requirements of image and shadow design and game players for high image quality. The fastest dynamic acceleration is 1ms, and the high-speed dynamic picture has no smear
  • LOW BLUE LIGHT MODE: Care for the eyes, using a new DC non-flicker screen, turn on the eye-loving mode for yourself in a dark light environment, reduce the damage to the eyes by reducing the blue light, and provide a comfortable gaming experience. RGB backlight on the back, more lighting atmosphere
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: lossless transmission and high compatibility interface, 3*HDMI+DP, equipped with Audio out, can be connected to various audio devices, and the game is more shocking! It can be connected to laptops, desktops, cameras, headphones, audio, PS4, TV boxes.
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