HBNW 27″ Gaming Monitor 144HZ, MVA FHD 1920X1080, Desktop Monitor 99% sRGB, 16: 9, Computer Screen Multiple Game Modes, 1 Ms Response(HDMI & VGA Port)


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Brand: HBNW


  • 144HZ PROFESSIONAL GAMING MONITOR: E-sports gaming monitors need accurate and fast dynamic image quality output conversion capabilities to make better games. The display refresh rate is as high as 144Hz (up to 144 frames per second can be accepted for display output) is twice that of ordinary displays. It further solves the problem of the player’s picture delay in FPS, racing, and sports games, without blurring and delay of the picture, allowing you to experience the game easily.
  • 27″MVA SCREEN: 27-inch large screen, 1920*1080 ultra-clear display, with 178° wide viewing angle custom panel, restoring real colors, no matter which viewing angle, the colors are bright, and the high light transmittance screen brings you good vision Enjoy, better service life
  • 1MS EXTREMELY FAST RESPONSE: 1ms dynamic picture response time, eliminating faults and smear caused by picture dragging
  • AMD FREE SYNE FREQUENCY CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY: Compatible with G-Sync technology, it can synchronize the refresh rate of the display with the frame rate of the graphics card, making the picture smoother and solving the problem of stuttering and tearing. Multiple modes switch RTS, FRS, movie viewing, eye protection office.
  • HD INTERFACE: powerful game display, with rich connectivity and high compatibility, built-in DP, DP, HDMI, HDMI, audio interface, these interfaces can be connected to a variety of multimedia devices and display high-definition video and audio, showing players powerful games Visual effects. With wall hole
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