High-Definition LCD Network Advertising Display Screen, Remote Control, Support News, Weather, Pictures, Slide Show Loop, Intelligent Split Screen


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  • ★ Intelligent split-screen system: the display area can be divided freely, pictures, videos, subtitles can be combined at will, built-in modules can be customized
  • ★ Automatic loop playback: insert U disk to automatically identify files, automatically play advertising content, and also customize the playback plan to switch seamlessly
  • ★ Remote release one-machine management: different regions, different devices, unified management, remote release, one-machine control, customized playback plan, timer switch, etc.
  • ★ 7* 24 hours of uninterrupted work: safe and stable, using the latest LED imaging technology, low power consumption of the whole machine, high efficiency and energy saving, economical and affordable, environmental protection while extending the service life
  • ★ Widely used in large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibitions, schools, theaters, bars, stations, shops and other crowded places; also suitable for government agencies or company display
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