LED Screen RGB Wireless Charging Base Office Desktop, Multifunctional(US Standard, F1 Black 23.8 inch i7-3520M)


Brand: Boquite

Color: US standard, F1 black 23.8 inch i7-3520M


  • i5‑2520M is smooth for home use, and can be used for simple office use; i5‑3230M for home use, and business office.
  • i7‑3520M can be used for high‑end office use, and can open more office web pages.
  • 23.8 inch office computer all‑in‑one machine can be used for learning and training.
  • The product is featured with good performance and can meet your different needs.
  • The product has LED screen, retractable spring camera, RGB breathing light, wireless charging base.
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