Monitors Wall-Mounted Bar-Shaped Advertising Screen, 19.1/24/28 Inches, Multi-Function Advertising Machine, HD Display Screen, Stand-Alone/Network, WiFi


Brand: Monitors

Color: Stand-alone Version


  • ★ Two management modes: stand-alone & network, stand-alone version: insert U disk, read files and play; network version: remote download and play, built-in 8G memory
  • ★ The low power consumption M+ panel has a very high energy utilization rate. Compared with the traditional RGB panel, the power consumption is reduced by about 31%, and the energy saving cost
  • ★ 178° wide-angle technology, using IPS bright display, high light transmittance and low power consumption, making the picture more realistic and fuller colors
  • ★ Support time-segmented programs, timer switch on and off, you can customize the play time of programs and device switch on and off time, save energy and worry
  • ★ Automatically change the program at a fixed point, without personnel on duty, the online version supports the form of task packages, that is, multiple playback tasks can be produced and downloaded in advance
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