Portable Display 15.6-Inch 17.3-Inch 144Hz Gaming Computer PS4 Extended One-Line Pass with The Same Screen Non-Flash Screen Technology Dual HDMI Convenient and Fast

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Brand: Dandan


  • 1 * Computer expansion on the same screen + mobile phone on the same screen to meet various needs, cooperate with different scenarios leisure entertainment, work and office, double efficiency
  • 2 * 1080P + HDR 1080P resolution with sharpness improvement is the only lucky thing in life
  • 3 * Cinema-like viewing experience is wonderful from every angle, how can you miss the 178 ° wide field of view
  • 4 * Dual HDMI is convenient and fast, suitable for dual-machine party one-button switching, no plug and unplug, simple and fast
  • 5 * Blue Light Filtering Technology In order to cope with the long-term use of the display by most people, we have added blue light filtering technology to the screen to make the colors displayed on the screen softer, and it is not easy to fatigue in long time use.
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