WOLFBSUH OneGX1 Pro 7 inch Gaming Laptop, One-Netbook PC Pocket Mini Laptop, (Windows 10 Home / 12000mAh Battery/Wi-Fi6 / RGB LED English Keyboard) (16GB+512GB) – 4G Version


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Color: 4G Version


  • OneGx1 Pro equipped with the 11th generation Core i7-1160G7, integrates a QWERTY standard keyboard in a limited space of 7 inches, and can efficiently handle emergency work under Windows during a business trip. OneGx1 Pro adopts 7-inch HD full fit IPS LCD, with pixel density up to 323ppi. It can restore more detailed game pictures, and keep every detail alive. The video is vivid and 178° wide viewing angle. No matter from which angle, every picture looks extremely colorful
  • Small and Portable: Your gaming notebook can also be put in your pocket. One Gx1Pro has a body of only 7 inches and net weight is about 0.62kg, which is small enough to fit into a portable bag. On the commute, during the journey, by plane, high-speed rail, office leisure, coffee shop or park leisure, etc., you can take out your One-Netbook OneGx1 Pro to play PC games and relax at any time.
  • RGB Backlight: Cool full RGB keyboard light, ready to fight for you! Even in the dark night, every key position is clearly visible. Under the guidance of RGB light, let go and fight! OneGx1 Pro provides you with a variety of lighting modes at the same time. You can choose which one you like or turn it off according to your personal preference.
  • TYPE Interface: USB 4.0. Dual Type-C full functin MAX 40Gbps transmission speed. Dual full speed USB 4.0 interface, data throughput up to 40Gbps, double-sided pluggable, set data transmission, video transmission and charging functions, can simultaneously connect 4K display and graphics carddock, easy to connect, make onegx1 Pro into your game console/workstation.
  • WiFi6: OneGx1Pro is equipped with Intel Wi-Fi6 network module and supports Wi-Fi6 (802.11ax) protocol. Compared with the previous generation WiFi5, the speed is about 3 times faster, faster, more stable transmission, and lower latency ! OneGx1Pro version built-in 12000mAh (3.85V) large-capacity lithium polymer battery, the 11th generation CPU power consumption is lower
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