ZLSANVD 3D Hologram Projector 1080P LED Wi-Fi Holographic Projector HD 3D Holographic Hologram Player 2500 Lumen with Four-Axil Design Support Windows Software/Android App

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  • ★1080P HD quality: Restore movie-quality image quality. If you are looking for high definition image quality, this product is your best choice.
  • ★Four-axil design, up to 720 LED lamp beads: minimize ringing effect and vibration, with high refresh rate up to 30fps, four blades are the direction of hologram, more space to install LED beads .
  • ★APP and PC software: AF50 application and software are very friendly, support for Windows / Android client, all operations are through the application, open / close, upload, adjust brightness and perspective.
  • ★Support common video formats, animations and image display, and can customize your advertising video videos and pictures, which can be operated by the accompanying software.
  • ★Larger size: striking black technology products, super large size, fan blades about 65CM long, 1080P HD 3D effect is far more shocking than other models.
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