ZZYH 27″ Full HD VA Monitor – 25601440(2K), Response Time 1ms, HDMI, DVI, DP, 144HZ Display, Narrow Bezel LCD Eye Protection Curved Screen, Lifting Rotating Bracket


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Brand: ZZYH


  • ➤ 【2560*1440 2K HD】The screen resolution is increased to 2560* 1440 pixels, which is nearly 1.6 million pixels more than the resolution of traditional high-definition displays, and the resolution is increased by 1.7 times. Get rid of the graininess of the picture quality, the eye-catching and delicate game picture quality will definitely exceed your expectations.
  • ➤ 【144Hz refresh rate】The display refresh rate is as high as 144HZ (can accept up to 144 frames of display output per second), which is twice that of ordinary displays. It further solves the problem of the player’s picture delay in FPS, racing, and sports games, gets rid of the blur of luck, bids farewell to the picture delay, and allows you to experience the game easily.
  • ➤ 【1MS quick response】Equipped with OD Driver chip, the panel algorithm is re-optimized, and the response time is increased to 1ms gray scale response speed. The speed of gray scale response determines the color exquisiteness of high-speed screen switching and the high-speed detailed experience.
  • ➤ 【High color gamut, better color reproduction ability】Equipped with a high-color gamut backlight scheme, NTSC color gamut coverage reaches 85% (typical), which brings a wider color display ability, and meets the high-quality requirements of graphic design processing and game enthusiasts.
  • ➤ 【Filter blue light without flickering】Comfortable gaming and entertainment experience, using DC dimming to reduce screen flicker, and the picture remains clear and smooth. At the same time, the blue light filter function is added to filter high-energy shortwave blue light.
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