ZZYH 27 Inch 2K 144Hz HDR Monitor – (TN Panel, 75Hz, 1ms, AMD FreeSync, DP, HDMI), Rotating Lifting Base/Filter Blue Light Without Flickering/Computer Screen


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Brand: ZZYH


  • ➤ 【2K TN, let your eyes wide open】TN technology wide viewing angle and colorful hard screen, 2560×1440 resolution, presents sharp details, better colors, more comfortable eye experience, and gives you a different view in front of each screen.
  • ➤ 【144Hz display】Quick response, can clearly see the game details, including the opponent’s movement, control of the front sight, etc. The picture is smooth and coherent, in the game, the delay problem is reduced, and the game experience is smooth. Reduce smear, blur and tearing in fast moving pictures. The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the image and the smaller the impact on the eyes.
  • ➤ 【1ms rapid response】1ms dynamic picture response time, eliminates the phenomenon of faults and smear caused by screen dragging, realizes high-speed and smooth experience, improves game winning rate, whether it is FPS game or MOBA game, it can be easily controlled, making the game horizon clear and unmarked.
  • ➤ 【AMD FreeSync chip】Using AMD FreeSyncM frequency conversion technology, it brings a smooth, non-smearing performance experience, and rejects delays such as screen freezes and tearing. It can refresh quickly and respond quickly at any frame rate, and enjoy the hearty and hearty competitive game.
  • ➤ 【Filter blue light without flickering】Non-flicker technology, reduce display screen flicker, and take care of your eyes; blue light filter technology, which can filter high-energy short-wave blue light, is a comfortable choice for long-time computer users.
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