ZZYH Gaming Monitor 31.5 Inch QHD (2560 x 1440), VA, 144Hz, Free-Sync Technology Computer 1500R Curved Screen, No Flicker + Low Blue Light, Rotating Base


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Brand: ZZYH


  • ➤ 【2K Ultra HD, bigger field of view】2K image quality brings a resolution of 2560×1440, which improves the resolution by 1.7 times, rejects the graininess, and imagines the real game world. The 31.5-inch giant screen has a viewable area of ​​136% of the traditional 27-inch screen, which greatly improves the field of view and makes the effect even more shocking.
  • ➤ 【144Hz display】Quick response, can clearly see the game details, including the opponent’s movement, control of the front sight, etc. The picture is smooth and coherent, in the game, the delay problem is reduced, and the game experience is smooth. Reduce smear, blur and tearing in fast moving pictures. The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the image and the smaller the impact on the eyes.
  • ➤ 【1500R large curvature surface display】The curved screen structure not only fits the physiological state of the human eye better, but can also effectively reduce the reflection and interference of external light sources. The field of view is wider and the surround experience is more realistic. At the same time, it reduces the image in the human visual conversion process and restores the stretched picture, and the eye comfort is improved.
  • ➤ 【Dual SIM seamless docking releases high dynamic energy】Signal synchronization, equipped with FREE SYNC synchronization chip, dual-card transmission signal connection, solves the picture tearing/carton phenomenon under high-speed dynamics, and 400CD/m display brightness makes the picture more clear and stable.
  • ➤ 【VA panel】Watch at 178 degrees, accurately restore the real picture, and bring you a visual feast. With rotating base, multi-angle operation.
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