ZZYH Gaming Monitor 32 Inch (2560 X 1440), 144Hz, AMD Frequency Conversion, Eye Protection VA1500R Curved Screen, 2mm Micro Edge, FPS/RTS Game Display Mode


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Brand: ZZYH


  • ➤ 【2K 2560 * 1440 finer image】With 2560*1440px high-definition resolution, 2 times the resolution of 1080P, whether it is large-scale games, web browsing, daily work graphics, etc., the overall sensory effect is improved and the details are first-class.
  • ➤ 【144 high-speed refresh rate + AMD frequency conversion】The display refresh rate is as high as 144HZ (it can accept up to 144 frames per second and the display output is twice that of ordinary displays. It further solves the problem of picture delay in FPS, racing, and sports games, and gets rid of motion blur.
  • ➤ 【1500R curved surface + 2MM micro frame】The third-generation innovative curved flexible screen is used to increase the curvature to 1500R. The curved screen brings a deeper and further improvement, bringing users unimaginable picture quality, shocking visual surroundings, and allowing you to concentrate on the game. In, enjoy the cinema-like presence on the spot.
  • ➤ 【Blue light filter and no flicker + multiple interfaces】The screen flicker has been greatly reduced, and the picture has been kept clear and smooth. The blue light filter function is added to realize the filtering of high-energy short-wave blue light, and you can provide comfortable entertainment.
  • ➤ 【First and the visual design sense of the times】Without compromise, without reservation, we polished this e-sports monitor with tenacity. The tension and spiky feel of competitive equipment, combined with the aluminum base, the whole machine is like a hero’s throne, and the back is supplemented with competitive red lines to make the product feel explosive. Only a glance at the watch was a pleasant surprise.
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