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The Best Laptop Stand for the Dell XPS 13

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If you find that your posture is suffering from being constantly arched forward to work on your laptop then you should consider getting a laptop stand for your desk. The laptop stand will raise the laptop to eye level and paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse will provide a superior ergonomic work setup. The best laptop stand for the Dell XPS 13 is stable, possibly adjustable, sleek and will complement your new laptop.

The Best Laptop Stand for the Dell XPS 13

There are many types of laptop stands to choose from but in this case the simplest designs tend to be better and cheaper without compromising on quality. For a robust addition to your desktop we recommend the laptop stand from OMOTON. This is a generic design with several brands selling the same product. It is also listed under the brand name Soundance, NICEAO and others. The price point for this stand is around twenty-five dollars. It comes in a compact box with 3 separate pieces. The bracket is made out of aluminum and is about 5mm thick. It is sufficiently weighty as to not move or sway while supporting your laptop. It raises the laptop from the desk surface by about 6 inches.

This laptop stand can be assembled in a matter of seconds without tools. The three pieces assemble together with a tapered slot joint that has enough of a press fit that it remains tight without adhesives or fasteners. This is a simple, elegant and robust solution for raising your laptop to eye level for improves ergonomics. If you combine your laptop with a second monitor and a wireless mouse and keyboard, the setup becomes magnitudes more efficient and ergonomic. The dual monitor setup is perfect for working across multiple screens and improving workflow and efficiency. This setup not only improves ergonomics but also productivity.

The Best Laptop Stand for the Dell XPS 13

Raising the laptop and connecting a second monitor are not the only benefits of a raiser stand. The stand itself is made of thick aluminum bar and has good heat dissipation properties. This will help improve the thermal efficiency of your Dell XPS 13 laptop. In addition to the conductivity of the stand to help cool the laptop, the design of the stand is open and allows for convective cooling of all sides of the laptop including the underside which typically gets hot when sitting on a desk. The airy and open design helps to keep the laptop from overheating and keeps the fans at bay.

We know that this laptop stand is sturdy and has effective thermal properties to aid the cooling of the laptop, but what about safety. A well-designed stand should be secure and not allow the laptop to fall or slide off. This stand has several features that further enhance its safety profile. First, the surface that contains the laptop has thick rubber padding that creates enough friction with the underside of the laptop that it will not slide on the stand at all. In addition, the front of the laptop is prevented from sliding forward by the curved end hooks that cradle the edge of the front side of the laptop. The laptop really couldn’t be more secure and it would be nearly impossible for it to fall or slide off. This aspect of the design is simple but effective.

We can see that the laptop will not fall off the stand but what about the stand itself? The stand is thick aluminum bar and is very strong and doesn’t flex even with the cantilever bracket suspending the weight of the laptop. The base is similarly capable as it rests on the surface of the desk with rubber underpads to prevent slippage. Overall the laptop and the stand work together like a solid unit.

The XPS 13 has ports on either side of the laptop. Although for most people there doesn’t seem to be enough ports but that is a topic for another day. Since the laptop stand is open and unconstrained, it is very easy to use the ports as they are completely unobstructed.

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