About Us

About Us

Serious, real world reviews for serious people. Our reviews dive into the details of every product and provide an analysis that will answer your questions from the obscure to the common. All reviews are completely independent and free from bias.

How much does this speaker weigh? How does the latest SSD compare to the previous model? Will the reviewed laptop stand work for your specific laptop? These are the types of details we engage and illustrate to give you the best chance to make an informed decision if your goal is to purchase a reviewed product. 

Tech for Geek takes online shopping to the next level. We are a leading tech focused website with a comprehensive and organized selection of electronics specifically geared towards the consumer.

Look for our top recommendations on leading brands in categories covering entertainment, smart home products and video game systems. Custom computers and parts are carefully suggested for your needs. Upgrade or start a custom build. It’s up to you. Look for our articles suggesting top performance part integrations that will make any system fast.

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           Key Site Goals

  • Top Tech Reviews, Independent, Real World Use Cases and Evaluation
  • Legitimate and Practical Recommendations for the Typical User
  • Products are thoroughly tested over an adequate period of time to sufficiently evaluate manufacturing claims
  • Best product reviews are written in a detailed analysis to give interested parties a fair understanding of the pros and cons
  • For reader convenience, links are provided to purchase the product either from the store or a participating affiliate
  • Tech for Geek may receive commissions from any recommendations that are purchased by the reader
  • Reader participation helps to support the site and allow for content reviews to continue free from bias
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