Car GPS Navigation 1080P HD Digital Multimedia Player Intelligent Voice Control/Bluetooth Call/Real Time Map Suitable for Land Rover Range Rover 10-13 (10.4 Inch)


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Brand: Tlyd


  • High-definition multi-touch capacitive screen: 10.4-inch high-definition capacitive screen, high-definition 1024 * 600 resolution, 1080P / 4k smooth decoding effect. Breakthrough industrial design, flat-fitting design, support for multi-touch, smooth and no stalling regardless of dragging.
  • Hi-Ffi: Use imported TDA-7851 amplifier IC processor to restore high-fidelity sound quality. The high, middle and low frequency bands perform extremely well, as if the sound of natural sound popped up by the hand of the master, giving people a hearing feast!
  • Bluetooth voice navigation: No need to manually click on the screen to select a destination, you can directly perform voice navigation, say the destination, and intelligently choose a route, further improving driving safety.
  • Built-in fast wireless network Wi-Fi interface: Use the built-in WIFI hotspot to get online, you can download more APP applications.
  • DVR system: integrated DVR driving record function in the body, users only need to buy additional USB recorder lens to achieve the driving record function, and can also view video playback, emergency photos and other operations, very convenient and practical!
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