GGPUS 15.6-Inch 1080P, Narrow-Edge HDR External Display, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Built-in Battery, Fine Picture Quality, True Color, Better Light Transmittance


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Brand: GGPUS


  • 15.6 “IPS screen, which makes high-resolution 1920X1080 screen content more clear and delicate color reproduction is more real.
  • Professional game actually monitor the electrical requirements of stability, fast reading of dynamic quality output conversion performance in order to win the victory in the Battle Royale, up to 144hz refresh rate per second, per second output screen 144, the smear bid farewell to the game, get rid of motion blur, so you have a pleasant gaming experience.
  • Display with IPS panel, colorful, delicate images, while 72 color gamut make the image clear, bring the original flavor of visual enjoyment.
  • 178 degrees of high-definition, multi-position look at the screen without color, light transmittance and better.
  • EDP ​​new native signal driving scheme, no splash screen
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